In order to keep pornography and violence out of China’s budding online casino gambling industry, a massive crack-down against gaming companies that post or condone pornography or violence on their online casino sites is under way.

This crusade to seek out violators will be intense until at least September. This new fight against improper content started back in April, and the country has reiterated that it means business.
Because online casino gambling is taking off so quickly in China, they wanrt to keep an eye on the actual content that is being put on the thousands of new online casino websites.

China still hot to clean up online gaming sitesThe Ministry of Culture is the department that standardizes online casino games in China.
The Ministry states that while it is all for new positive economic growth, it will not tolerate violence and pornography online. Too many young veiwers online make this a new priority to clean things up.
The Ministry blames imported games to be the main cause for this new issue.

Last Year, China launched a similar crack-down,but it was not as wide a sweep as this latest dragnet.
While some feel that the sweep is being taken as a possible cover up for China to be able to weed-out competing game sites that are from other countries, some also feel that this campaign is not just aimed at sites that are from other competing countries.

Developing Web TV Compatible Online Casinos
Gambling via Web/TV is fast becoming the newest mode of bringing an online casino into the home. Using this new and cutting edge technology, subscribers can link up to internet gaming sites through their televisions, which can be a very exciting experience. However, since Web Television is in a class of its own, there are several compatibility issues that still need to be worked out.Several online gambling websites and casino portals are doing their best to list the handful of online casinos that support Web Television.
One of these sites, who has made recent updates to their section of online casino reviews is CompatiblePoker.

Some of these websites should be recognizable by online gamers. Some players may have even gambled at these places before. The reason being is that most of these sites have additional features other than downloadable/flash casino games. Their platform has been essentially redesigned to accommodate Web Television. One such site is Slotland, where thousands of gamers and online slot lovers call home.

For those who have Web Television enabled, the experience of seeing a giant slot screen on one’s television can be very fun. Although it is not virtual reality, it is a step closer from the computer screen.Currently, more is being done to facilitate online casino gaming through Web Television platforms. Hopefully, there will be a meeting ground between the online gaming operators who can make their sites compatible with the technology, as well as the developers of the technology itself.