There is some concern in Australia, where Txt2Bet, one of the leading pioneers in text message online betting via mobile phones, is offering online punters the opportunity to place money on a variety of bets, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The concern is coming from certain delegates in the Australian Government, such as Nick Xenophen, who are suggesting that amendments be made to the Interactive Gambling Act.

According to these individuals, text message betting at online casinos is contributing to problem gamblers.
However, Txt2Bet, who is the leading provider of the service, says their system is actually even more safe than other forms of traditional gambling at online casino sites – even other mobile betting services. According to Txt2Bet Director, Keith Boerholm, their service is debit based, meaning that gamblers must use cash to fund the system. Credit cards cannot be used in any way to fund one’s gambling account, which can still be done through alternative depositing systems permitted at most online casinos.

Although betting is more readily available through the Text2Bet system, gamblers can not accrue loads of gambling debt.Whether the Australian Government will act on the warning and begin to administer changes to the Gambling Act or dismiss the urgings, remains to be seen. As of yet, there is no evidence showing that Txt2Bet users have increased their gambling habit, which will make it more difficult for the government to make changes to any policies regarding online casino gambling.

This October Will See The Sixth Season of the World Poker Tour in Barcelona
This October players from all over the world will be coming together in the exciting Spanish coastal town of Barcelona. This follows an announcement by the World Poker Tour that its sixth Season itinerary will include Spain.The event will occur in the Casino Barcelona which is owned by Grup Peralada in Barcelona Spain. This is the fourteenth World Poker Tournament and it is to be filmed.

This collaboration between the World Poker Tournament and Grup Peralada collaboration might become the beginning of an even closer relationship that will be going forward into the future. Even at this time these two organizations are already in discussions with regard to possible future poker events in Spain and also the possibility of a Spanish tour that would include televised events appearing at Grup Peralada casinos in other places along with new ideas relating to Portugal and South America.

Steve Lipscomb who is the World Poker tournament, has characterized this partnership as a ground breaking arrangement when he said that this is a very important move for his company as it continues its expansion of its services into the European market. This sentiment was supported by Oliver Zugel, Grup Peralada’s casino division chief, when he agreed saying that this move will generate a new standard for premium, televised European poker events in Europe along with laying the groundwork for an Iberian tour including other leading casinos that are located in Spain and Portugal.